Activity Park la Cerdanya

Based in Puigcerdà, at the heart of la Cerdanya

Open everyday from 10am to 8pm

Adventure park with zip lines

Children’s Circuit ESQUIROL  |  From 3 years old

Circuit Marmota  |  From 7 years old

Circuit Isard  |  From 10 years old

In the Adventure Park you will also find:

  • Climbing Wall
  • Paintball
  • Inflatables
  • Fly Jump (Jump from 10m height)

You will find us at Puigcerdà

Birthday parties

Come celebrate your birthday at Parc d'Activitats Cerdanya and have an unforgettable day!

Team Building

Strengthen the relationships among your working team with tailor made activities.

School activities

Stepping our of the classrooms to connect with the natural environment had never been so enriching.

Bachelor parties

Make your bachelor party a day full of original and fun activities.

Activity's rates at the Adventure Park in Puigcerdà

CChildren’s circuit  |  15€

Circuit Marmota  |  15€

Circuit Isard  |  25€ (Incluye Circuito Marmota)

Climbing Wall  |  12€

Fly Jump  |  6€

Inflatables 10 min  |  4€

Inflatables 30 min  |  8€

Children’s Paintball  |  21€

Paintball  |  26€

Take advantage and combine various activities with one of our packs

Children’s Circuit Esquirol or Circuit Marmota + Inflatables 30 min  |  20€

Circuit Marmota + Fly Jump  |  20€

Circuit Marmota + Circuit Isard + Fly Jump  |  28€

Children’s Circuit Esquirol + Circuit Marmota  |  25€

Children’s Circuit Esquirol o Circuit Marmota + Climbing Wall  |  24€

Circuit Marmota + Circuit Isard + Climbing Wall  |  35€

Activities and adventures for the whole family
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At Activities Park la Cerdanya located in Puigcerdà you can experience a variety of adventure circuits from bridges and zip lines at different heights to jumping from a 13m tower. Enjoy the chill-oput area at the park’s bar while the adults engage in a game of paintball and the little ones jump on the inflatables.

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