Via Ferrata or Iron Way in Pyrenees

The via ferrata is an itinerary marked by a cable anchored to the wall called the life-line, where we will be anchored at all times for both vertical and horizontal routes. To facilitate this progression we will have the help of steps, handrails, staples, dams, zip lines and other elements.

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Participants will go at all times with a helmet and harness where there will be an energy dissipater with 2 carabiners at each end to have at least 1 of them anchored to the lifeline in order to eliminate the risk of falling.

Although it may seem like a very safe activity, it is not so safe. For this reason, at Activitats Cerdanya we prioritise your safety and we string you along and show you how to progress in order to avoid any participant falling from anchor to anchor, which can be several metres long and could cause us serious injuries. This limits us to a ratio of 5-6 participants per guide, but for us safety is the most important thing.


Via Ferrata in Berguedà

Mainly, we make the via ferratas of:

  • Via Ferrada les Roques d’Empalomar: Located above the town of Vallcebre in the Alt Berguedà, it is a via ferrata of little difficulty where we will have the sensations of height, where we will make a difference of 130 m. It is a well-equipped via ferrata, ideal for beginners and beautiful for those who have already done more than one. Once you reach the top, the via ferrata has an extension that is perfect for those who are a little small, in order to end with a good taste and desire to do more via ferrata. Price: 42 €
  • Via Ferrata Cal Curt: Via ferrata located right in front of the via ferrata of Les Roques d’Empalomar. It is not a very long via ferrata, but already with more difficulty, highlighting 3 collapses. Perfect for doing both ferratas on the same day. The price includes the Roques d’Empalomar via ferrata. Price: 52 €
  • Via Ferrata for children and families La Canalassa. In this same area we find a via ferrata designed for children. A family ferrata that lasts approximately 30 ′. Once the children’s ferrata is done, we will determine if we do an extension or a second lap, depending on the sensations we have had, where it already becomes an activity of 1/2 day. Price: 30 €

Via Ferrata in Alt Urgell

In Alt Urgell, there is a diversity of via ferratas, but one of the longest in Catalonia should be highlighted.

Via Ferrata Roca Narieda: We do two variants, an average level where we do approximately up to half of via ferrata. Price: 42 €

and an Expert Level, where you are required to have done more than one via ferrata. Price 60 €.

Photos Ferrada Roca Narieda

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