Mountain and Hiking Guides in La Cerdanya

    If you are looking for the best hiking routes, the most beautiful, the quietest in La Cerdanya, Alta Cerdanya or Berguedà, let us accompany you with our Mountain Guides and we will make this route special and repeatable. Apart from guiding you and keeping an eye on you at all times, we will provide you with historical and educational knowledge of the mountains and their surroundings. The animals and their traces, with the plants and flowers, and region animals, will give you a different experience.

What kind of Guided Routes do we do?

  • Family Routes: They are designed to spend a morning or a day in the mountains. The most common ones are the Route of Prat de Cadí, the Route of Malniu Lake and the Route of the Pear Lakes. Price 1/2 day: 30 euros Price per day: 45 euros
  • Summits: Our objective will be to achieve the Summit we set ourselves. The summits that are most in demand are the Puigpedrós, the highest peak in the Lower Cerdanya, and the Carlit, which is the highest in the Upper Cerdanya. Also very desirable and emblematic is the Pedraforca, in the Berguedà area. Price 45 euros
  • Daytime routes 6-8 h. These routes are designed for those who want to spend a day enjoying nature. Enjoy a day of hiking in the mountains. The Lake of Lanús, the ponds of Bulloses. Price 45 euros.
  • Routes of “Superhuman”. Routes designed to walk while there is light. Prepared specifically for those who want to test their physical limits. We are the only ones who offer these long day trips. Superhuman days start before sunrise, involve great effort, and significant mileage. But along with the challenges, they include the excitement of multiple ascents and leave you with a sense of true achievement. Price 60 euros

Family Hiking Routes

Lakes of La Pera

Peaks or Day Trekking Routes

Bulloses i Carlit

All these routes work best for small groups (3 to 12 people) for those who want to live the ultimate experience in La Cerdanya. For university teams and professional athletes, these trips can serve as a perfect team building and/or altitude training experience. At a distance of 1.5 hours by car from Barcelona, the Hiking Routes and Superhuman Days guarantee a worthwhile adventure in nature.


Our base of operations is in Cerdanya, and it’s an area that we are fully aware of. But as lovers of the mountains and nature, we like and usually do routes throughout Catalonia and the Pyrenees.

Come and experience the best excursions and ascents to the summits of La Cerdanya and Catalonia!

Summary of excursions and ascents to the peaks
Longing to really experience La Cerdanya? Or do you prefer to walk along the Berguedà? Our guided walks through La Cerdanya and ascents to the peaks of the area, use will provide an unforgettable stay and breathtaking views. Whether you have a morning or a week, we have incredible guided tours to show you and your group’. The hidden landscapes of Cerdanya or the Essential Routes to do in this region of the Pyrenees.

We have designed our guided hiking service for groups, families or individuals who want to explore nature with the knowledge and experience of a private guide. Our guides, trained in nature education and safety, provide a deeper understanding of the geography, history, wildlife and vegetation of the local area. We will plan an itinerary that meets the goals and objectives of your group. We have a multitude of different hikes and places that we want to teach. From the typical and essential routes of Prat de Cadí, Lake Malniu, Lake La Pera, Lagos de las Bulloses, Pico de Puigpedrós, Pico del Puigmal, Cima del Carlit to less crowded but equally remarkable routes such as Cumbre de peñas Altas and Moixeró, Lake Lanús, Travesía del Cadí or any route you may wish to do. Whether you focus on wildlife watching, panoramic views or geology, we can design a trip that meets your needs. We will create a route based on your group’s time requirements, fitness level and desired level of effort or challenge.

Our guided walks through La Cerdanya and ascents to the summits allow for increased education and knowledge of La Cerdanya.

Our guides also provide an additional level of safe travel and injury prevention knowledge to minimize any incidences that may occur on your trek. Our guides reduce the many risks that can be associated with mountain travel, such as misinterpretation of terrain and climate and/or loss of orientation. La Cerdanya is a valley where the weather can change abruptly and dramatically. Getting lost in a thunderstorm or due to fog can pose a real danger and is certainly not much fun.

Our epic tours were designed in response to guests’ requests for unique excursions, backpacking trips, peak climbing, and hiking to enjoy the Cadí Moixeró Natural Park. These trips will provide you with an incredible and challenging experience, but at the same time a lot of fun.

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  1. My wife and I are looking for a day hike in this region for the 27 April. How do we set this up, do you have any recommendations of what we can book for this?
    We are semi active and won’t have true hiking gear. But are both fit.

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