Canyoning is a recreational and sporting activity, where we will experience rivers and waterfalls in a different way. Unique landscapes, totally defined by the water course.

canyoning spain
Rappel in Canynoning

In Canyoning Descent, we will have to do different maneuvers. From walking through the water, climbing, using the technique of rappelling, or letting yourself slide down natural slides to one of the maneuvers that will have month sensations such as jumping into the water pools.

There are different levels of canyoning, from family members from 8 years old to the more technical ones aimed at those who have already done canyoning.

The price is from 45 €
Includes Canyoning Guide, specific material for the practice of canyoning: Neoprene, harness, helmet.

What do I have to bring for canyoning Activitie?

-Sport shoes or high boots with good sole to avoid slipping.
-Spare shoes for when we finish the ravine.
-Swimmer and towel.
-Can carry thermal lycra shirt.
-To snack and water.

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